Probate is a term that is used in several different ways. Probate can refer to the act of presenting a will to a court officer for filing — such as, to "probate" a will. But in a more general sense, probate refers to the method by which your estate is administered and processed through the legal system after you die. The probate process helps you transfer your estate in an orderly and supervised manner. Your estate must be dispersed in a certain manner, and we are here to help you with that process. We can assist you with the following:

   *    Estates with a will
   •    Estates without a will
   •    Minor Estates
   •    Guardianships
   •    Will contests
   •    Litigation

When handling probate there are a few things to keep in mind.

   •    What are the duties of an administrator of an intestate estate?
   •    Collecting assets.
   •    What is the statute of descent and distribution?
   •    What is an administrator’s account?
   •    What are characteristics of an effective administrator?
   •    Who should assist the administrator?

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